The Rules of Business Blogging

Networking with other people’s blogs is also an effective way to promote any business blog.

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With so many new changes in the social media landscape, does maintaining a business blog seem a bit too old-school? Although a number of individuals may be shunning blogs as outdated and are going for new platforms, it has been recently noted that the number of blogs have just risen in Australia and most of these blogs are written by business owners and executives who want to make use of the platform to influence, change consumer perceptions and motivate word-of-mouth for the products and services which they peddle.

Most of the time, the blog is defined as a publication of one’s personal thoughts that are upload on the internet and is updated frequently. But blogs can be used not just for the purpose of writing an online journal but also to help a business establish its authority on a specific niche. What’s amazing about blogs is that they can be used and nuanced in a number of ways to suit the business’s marketing goals and on top of that, it’s for free.

For those who are thinking of making use of blogs as part of their marketing strategy, it is crucial to understand the role that these blogs should play in the overall marketing mix. Generally, blogs are used primarily to support a business and improve its relationship with customers and fans, and not really to increase sales.

So how powerful are blogs when it comes to influencing consumer opinions and spending? According to Nuffnang Australia, 89 percent of the respondents of its recent study have stated that a review of a certain product or service has encouraged them to go give that commodity a try.

How should businesses start their blogs? It’s imperative that businesses should not hide behind their logos. The entire point of having a business blog is to introduce the business to its customers. Hence, it is necessary to break down that wall which usually stands in between businesses and customers. In order to do that, businesses need to strip themselves of that corporate air and interact with consumers in a personal level.

It’s also necessary for businesses to blog regularly. You need to set a certain day in the week to update your blog since regularity has been found out to be a huge factor in having a dedicated following.

Promoting is another aspect which businesses ought to consider. The easiest way to promote a blog is to link it to your business website. Networking with other people’s blogs is also an effective way to promote any business blog.

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Author: Chris Marentis

Chris Marentis writes from his experience in Social Marketing, Lead Generation and Sales. He currently runs a local business marketing Surefire Social and provides local marketing to small businesses.

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