What SEO tactics you should avoid in 2011

There are some certain SEO techniques that you should avoid this year, since they can lead to negative results for your website. Take a look at this article for more info.

2011 brings excitement in all of us and we all have SEO techniques in mind we want to try this year. Some of these techniques, however, won’t help at all or in the worst case scenario will get you a penalty and you will regret even thinking about using them. If you have already prepared a list with the things you want to try this year, feel free to cross the following tactics off in case you don’t want to waste your time.

  1. Don’t hide stuff

    Hiding different things on your web pages is practically useless. Many people try different techniques in order to hide keywords from the visitors but still leave those keywords visible to the different search engines. Some of these tactics are using white text on white background or generally using the same color for keywords and background, using CSS or an image to hide the text, writing the keywords (or just linking) with a very small font and using a tiny character like a comma or a dot to link from. Using these techniques will give a little boost which will not be permanent but in most of the case it will give you a penalty.

  2. Stuffing keywords

    This is another mistake that some of the people make. Trying to use more keywords than usual even without hiding them is not very smart. For example, a big mistake you can make is to use the Title Tag of your website to list various keywords. Also a big waste of time is to use the Meta keywords tag. Avoid those tactics if you want to save some of your time.

  3. Link Schemes

    Link schemes are a part of SEO that the search engines don’t like very much. That includes any kind of link farms, link wheels, two-, three- or four-way linking. You should also be careful with link exchange.

  4. Spam

    Please, for your own good, try to avoid spamming. Especially the comment spamming. Writing a comment on a certain blog just so you can get a link from it is considered spam and still a lot of people do it nowadays. Most of the times this comment won’t even make it to the blog thanks to the filters so you should really save your time. Also, making sub-domains and linking to yourself is a bad idea.

  5. More tips

    There are a lot of things you should avoid and I think I’ve covered most of them here. Some others you should not do are: using the PageRank to measure the success and strength of your website, stop doing SEO on pages that are ranking well, pay money to submit automatically to thousands of directories.

Please try to avoid these horrible SEO tactics during the New Year and start it good with some great techniques. If you are doing everything the right way and if you stay away from the useless and harmful tactics, you should be enjoying great results very soon. However, you can always advice on search engine optimisation from professionals (interesting, but little known fact is that in Danish the term is Rådgivning på søgemaskineoptimering).

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Author: Lyuben Georgiev

Lyuben Georgiev

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  1. Great advices! It’s a really important tips not to stop doing SEO on sites that are ranking well!

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  2. As far as spamming is considered, I really don’t understand what defines it because even when I was not submitting any garbage content or spamming any site, I was marked as a spammer on reddit. My site has all original and genuine content. I just shared the links on reddit and they marked me as spammer. One of the forums site also did it when i was submitting good quality content. I wonder why they didn’t block users who were submitting porn links.

    I don’t really understand what is spam for some people.


    1. Each site has their own rules. You should check their terms and conditions carefully before using. See this link : http://www.reddit.com/help/faq#Whyisntmysubmissioncommentshowingup . Read “What constitutes spam?” section.

      Most forum sites do not allow self promotion. Forums are for discussions. not for submitting links.

      Syam Kumar R

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