6 Ways to Market Your Website Online

This was a guest post written by Liz Cutten. She is the editor for FindBizCards, a business credit card resource site, as well as small business blog helping business owners around the globe.

We all know that growing your website online can be a chore, but if you stick with something, it can may off huge dividends in the end. Whether you’re looking to gain search engine exposure, or you want to get traffic via other sources online, I wanted to give you six tips that have worked for me when I was looking to draw more traffic to my website.

  1. Take advantage of Craigslist

    If you have a service that is legit online, you can dominate your local market space by posting classifieds on Craiglist. Make sure that you don’t spam, as well as make sure that each one of your ads are unique, and written well.

  2. Advertise on Facebook

    Facebook is a fantastic opportunity to draw people to your website, or even your fan page. What you can do it pinpoint your exact audience, and market to them. This takes some learning, but if you tweak and test your ads, you can find the mix that works.

  3. Contact your local newspaper

    Every little city has a newspaper, and what you can do is offer your “expert” services to them. In exchange for writing up a little articles, they will be more than happy to give a shout out to your company.

  4. Join HelpAReporter

    HARO, or known as Help A Reporter is a great, free list that you can join where major publications and their writers will reach out to you. This is a great way to get onto some major outlets online such as the Wall Street Journal, and more.

  5. Send a press release

    If you have a few dollars to spend, services like PRWeb can get your name out to thousands of publications out there. This is a great way to not only market your product / service; it will allow news outlets to contact you as well.

  6. Write for article directories

    Article directories such as EzineArticles and Buzzle are a fantastic way to draw traffic to your site, as well gather backlinks to your website. Not only is it free, it’s also going to help with your search engine ranking.

While some of these are free, some will require a small investment. If you do it properly, you will find that it can pay off bigger dividends in long run!

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