Five Ways to Get Higher Adsense Earnings

Get higher Adsense Earnings using these proven methods.

There is a big difference between people who are making next to nothing from their websites and those who are making hundreds of dollars per day. It is simply how they utilise adsense and their ability to think outside of the box when it comes to creating their site. These proven ways that I’m about to show you can be used by people who currently have a website running or even those who are complete beginners.

  1. Use the Correct Adsense Format

    There is a small range of different sizes of adverts you can have, the one that has worked best for the majority of successful internet marketers is the large rectangle size which is 336 x 280. This format has a higher click through rates than others, now you’re probably asking yourself why this is. The reason is simple easy because it looks the most natural and resembles standard website links. People are used to clicking on them so when they see them they are more likely to press on those buttons.

  2. Customise the Ads

    The best thing to do is to with the links is to customise them and make sure that they blend into the background of your website. The reason for this again is to make them look natural and part of your site. If they stand out, they will simply look like adverts that are there to generate revenue and will discourage readers from clicking on them.

  3. Position is Key

    Where you place your adverts is extremely important as your visitors should be able to view them as soon as they are on your page. There is no point in hiding them at the bottom or in the far corner as this will not attract attention to them. Don’t forget that in the previous step that we are disguising the look of them and blending them into our website. So if they’re not too obviously standing out there and you must put them somewhere at the top or middle of your page.

  4. Make Sure the Links Are Relevant

    This is extremely important and you must do this. Making sure that the links on your website are relevant and link to similar sites will increase the click through rates. If you are in a niche selling health and fitness supplements then having Adsense links that are offering wide-screen TVs is not going to generate a lot of income.

  5. Tweak & Test Until You Find a Winning Formula

    As all websites are designed differently depending on what type of niche or blog they are promoting, it is always important to play around with the position of the ads. Obviously they need to be somewhere near the top so that they are in a prominent position but also in with any to fit in with your content. If you can make your content to flow nicely into the links then you will be extremely successful.

Go away with this tips and start making Adsense work for you, don’t sit there frustrated thinking why you’re not getting a lot of sales, put these methods into action today and see the difference.

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Author: David Walker

David Walker is an internet marketer who blogs about how to make money online, something he has done successfully since March 2006. He wants to help as many people as possible do the same and you can access his "$100k Blogging Secret" training module for free on his blog. To build your email subscriber list, consider joining the latest JV Giveaways as a contributor.

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  1. I believe Affiliate marketing is the way to go. Although there are many options, once you get used to this whole process, it’s just a matter of kick back and relax!