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  1. Yes, it is really annoying when you go to BlueDart site and check the status 10 times a day. Their darts fail when it comes to AdSense.


  2. Bluedart services sucks. Earlier when posted directly from singapore, the cheque was reaching us in 5-7 days. Now it takes almost a month to reach. Have you contacted regarding this to adsense support Syam ?


    1. I didn’t contact the support directly. I just used their online form to ask to reissue the cheque. Eventually the problem got solved. Nowadays I get the cheque within two weeks. Anyway, Bluedart still sucks.

      Syam Kumar R

  3. I have no idea what’s going on. Checks don’t seem to coming in from adsense at all. Anyone having a similar problem?

    Adsense India

  4. In my country adsense now support WU
    Easy and quickly

    Dell Latitude 13

  5. In my country, Adsense now support WU
    Easy and fastly


  6. I seriously like the quote., they can render bullock carts for BlueDart ., LMAO


  7. I think the problem is over now. Got the cheque sent on 24th Sep today.

    Syam Kumar R

  8. last month i cross $100 , but till now , i did not get any information about payment. what can i do now?? when my account will validate?? its already 1 week gone. what?? next?? pls anybody let me know?? plsssssssss


  9. Got the adsense cheque issued on 27th July. Going to ask for a reissue of June cheque (again!). :-(

    Syam Kumar R

  10. i got my asdense check today

    crazy blogger

    1. Nice to know. I’m still waiting for my cheque.

      Syam Kumar R