June 20, 2004

Blogging Magazine

Jeremy Wright has been discussing the idea of a blogging magazine for some time. Today he launched The Bloggist, a "pre-project" blog for brainstorming the blogging magazine idea.

Visit The Bloggist.

The Bloggist is a pre-project idea to bounce around the idea of a blogging magazine. With 4 millions bloggers (and 20,000 new blogs starting every day) and thousands of companies blogging, there needs to be a resource of guidance, inspiration, information and cultural dissemination. There needs to something there which not only gives bloggers a great sense of identity, but also a greater media presence. In short, bloggers need a representative magazine.


The goal of this site was to allow any registered user to contribute to the conversation. Get ideas going. Become representative of blogging in general. Each area of the magazine that needs worked on has it's own category. From the Business side of things all the way through to Distribution and everything in between. Each area will have categories inside it which are currently being discussed, or need to be discussed. If you are interested in anything from design to content, join a discussion, start a new one or just soak up what's going on, ultimately it's up to you how you participate.

The Bloggist FAQ

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