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  1. headaches for network admin :D


  2. I couldn’t seem to log in! It says there was an error, but all other sites worked well (:


  3. how do u unblock instagram


  4. Use for facebook. schools don’t detect it


  5. Hi there, I discovered your website by way of Google at the same time as searching for a related subject, your web site got here up, it appears great. I have added to favourites|added to my bookmarks.

    proxies list

  6. Thanks for, it’s help me lots to view web pages. regards Mukesh


  7. I can’t get into my facebook account, they are tellin me to please verify my account. To tell my webmaster about the problem. What could be the problem? Can some1 assis me plz n thankz?

    marsha morgan

  8. The funniest part about this thread is that you’re at school. I know you think it’s a joke, but all of the people trying to block you are a lot smarter than you think. They don’t block and forget, they often review logs and look for suspicious names like “”. Forget about it, go to class, and maybe one day you’ll be smart enough to figure it out on your own. Have a good day!

    Davey Jones

  9. my school has blocked youtube and i was woundering how to get on


  10. When I`m in school I can get on this because they have facbook block so this is a secret


  11. today, this site is aggrivating me…i have 6 classes in which i cant do anything but be on the computer and talking to my mom on facebook usually keeps me busy. as usual, my school has a filter, its webcat, and detects proxies and such, so no other proxy except this one works. today, it constantly keeps timing out, wont load the page, wont load pictures, please fix this :)


  12. well, my school has a high tech blocker that blocks all proxy sites except this one. every site people have posted that have worked for them, my school computers block. this site has worked wonders for me, but today, i think my school is catching on. this site has been fighting me left and right, keeps saying its timing out, wont load pictures etc. please help :(


  13. jason i love you:]


  14. Hi Guys, tell me please, I am now in Germany, and my parents are in Kiev how to to pay them anything so talk to me less? I found just such a an article, maybe someone has used a similar service, or heard of him? Tell me please whether this actually real?


  15. ——- this is a great proxy, doesn’t use java, but for facebook, youtube or anythingelse it’s great!



    new fast and free


  17. As per my guess your site has a truly clean and very simple look. I’ll try to be creative just like your website.

    Solar Panels

  18. please unlock it….when i tried to unlock it after one step it gives me error 404….plz do something with this url


  19. this really works :0


  20. i cannot open orkut with the current site.please help me


  21. this will take you to facebook even if it’s blocked…(notice how there is an s after the http.


  22. I use Njutrino – it’s a browser with a built in SSH Proxy. I can surf all day, any sites! Also lets me hide the window so pretty cool

    Perer Ishmael

  23. the best website ever:)


  24. Is there other proxise to unblock sites from school or work?

    Because the school has blocked this sites using this proxy and maybe other proxies.

    Please leave a comment here to read the response anyone that can provide us better proxies that most schools and work do not block them at all.

    Thanks for reading and understanding my issue and it can the same issue that others are having…

    Unidentified 87

  25. It no longer works for me. It takes me to a ‘view’ page, and then takes me back to your site and says something about subscriptions. Please fix this, I used it often and was really grateful you had it up for us to use.


    1. Fixed.


  26. thanks for all your help i still cant manage to get to the facebook web page though .. :/


  27. help!!!!!!!! i’m struggling with a blocker called x-keeper and i want to play Runescape which it blocks it! can anyone help me?


  28. hey my mom blocked habbo and roblox so how do i unblock those websites so bye


  29. yall Should Unblock Facebook !!

    Jayveon Christopher Faith Leviege

  30. its crazt cuz somtimes it will let me on but then sometimes it dont……whats up with that???i need some help getting around this stuff it want let me on nuthin in school.. but i can do it at home….why iz tat some one please help me..if you figure this out e-mail me at ( thanks


  31. is a pretty good site so far.

    Enter your name

  32. ok so helpp me i cant go on anything on my new laptop the school gave me. iprism is bloking everything i always listen to but they suddenly blocked it please please please help me out


  33. Nothing works so far.. exept i can log on facebook but not acces anyone elses pages or my own for that matter, needd some proxys :}.


  34. guy, if any of you want you tube theres a way, ithink itsw http://www.myspace…


  35. -shrug-
    Facebook worked for me. This is a good site. :D


  36. how come some times it does not work?


    1. If system load increases due to high usage, proxy will doze off temporarily.


  37. thank you for this web site.


  38. any one no how to get onto chatroulette.
    i have to plug my phone into my laptop to get internet and i cant seem to get passed the content control page. i am able to get on youtube and facebok and stuff but cant get on chatroulette, does any one know of any where i can get passed it?


  39. hmmm showin error when i try to unblock it




  41. hey do you all know how to unblock myspace and facebook????? plz let me know


  42. its easy to unblock everything go on, or it will work

    check me out on myspace at

    Donovan Greggs

  43. i hatee the facy that it always has in error,aqhh;whats up with thatt


  44. They have blocked all the https: and almost every proxy, anyone?


  45. myspace wont come up right now, but im sure it will here soon. im praying to god it does cuz i need to change my status!


  46. this web site works


  47. the best proxy I’ve ever been on is, this site works on EVERYTHING, but my school was able to block it :,( it was the perfect proxy…;D so try it if ya want


  48. i need a proxy! its very urgent! im very bored at school…and i am not able to get on anything! please help me…most of the proxies have been blocked by our district.
    please please help me!


  49. omg at school we cant get on mtyspace and alle the proxys above dont work please help


  50. i cant get on my favorite websites! D:
    well i can but whenever i get on and log in and start typing it says and error has occured and takes me back to this page


  51. If you guys really wanna try something, then I suggest using a program called Ultrasurf for windows users. Its sorta like a proxy only more powerful and harder to block. If you are a Mac user, then download an application called crossover chromium it will allow you to use .exes on your Mac, or if you have Linux use Boot Camp to run windows programs. If you have anymore questions or comments you would like me to know email at Hope I’ve been helpful. J


  52. try it. be sure to click on get around blocked websites then anonymous web proxy

    Lil Mhoon

  53. thisss is a good websitee(: try it, type it in, search itt(:

    kimberly ann(:

  54. my school has blocked myspace from our laptops that we bring home; and they have blocked every site to get onto myspace!!!! please i need the newest updated proxey sites…. Sincerley, proud myspace user


  55. Hey, my school has blocked all sites that’re labled as Proxies. The only one I can use is Meebo which only allows you to chat.
    Do you guys know of any other sites that are not labeled as proxies???


  56. This works


  57. i need a proxy that will work
    my school done figure out all the proxies we had use


  58. there is no way to get to any of these sits. i bet teachers look on here and c and then they know to block them. cz iv tried so many different ones. and none of them work. all denide!


  59. webmasterview or any of these others doesnt work for me ):


  60. my school has blocked facebook and now i cant get into anything. can anyone tell me how to unblock facebook on my school computers?


  61. cant get in

    chris carey

  62. how u work this web site


  63. Why isn’t this proxy working anymore? And all of the posted ones are blocked at my school. And if what you need proxied is just text, try


  64. Where did the proxy go?


  65. If you could get this site to work that would fantastic! Right now I can get to the login part but can’t get past login. After login there is a sever selection and then it loads a flash page. Thanks much, btw other sites listed as proxies will be blocked so I can’t use those.

    World Dominator

  66. if you go on google and type plzhideme or plzhidemy it will pop up and thats one site that cannot be blocked soo plz tri it if itdoesnt work tell me nd plz return the favor by giving me a goooooood one that will actualy work WITHOUT USING THE PROX word thanks

    Miz.Mudda Babii

  67. please acsess this website because we are board at this school we hate work

    tyus leary

  68. don’t work please give me a clue what to do or give me some web sites because everything i try is blocked


  69. help ive tried everything! get me on facebook!


  70. DUDE NONE of these work! i am not joking my school blocked EVERYTHING!


  71. i go to a school were everysite imaginable is blocked i want a website that goes around yahoo mail and youtube like a last resort site that a school wouldent think of a site that not manny people know about if you could get this to me that would be great thx ;D


  72. I can’t unblock Facebook

    Sonny Turner

  73. anyone know how to unblock myspace from school ????


  74. dude, my school filter detects proxies and all that.
    so not cool…


  75. i can go to the login but it wont load after that whats up !??


  76. how to get on this site


  77. how to get on this


  78. how can you get around blocked websites when the sites to unblock it are blocked?


  79. any bodyy know a website to get on myspace hit me up my email is


  80. can you unblock facebook and yahoo mail


  81. how do u use this website


  82. Hello

    How are you?