Voice Commerce Growth, Trends for the Year 2020

Voice commerce is rapidly conquering different countries and markets. This will continue to grow as it has already gained its reputation in the world of search queries.

As time passes by, technology is becoming more and more sophisticated. There are a lot of developments that are being introduced every day. In just a blink of an eye, you will see another product being introduced. And as you wait every day, you will find that there are new features being introduced to these new products.

There have been a lot of innovations in the online world lately. How people use the internet has already been changed because of voice search technology. Digital voice assistants are already available for many years now. It has made things easier to do for most people. And from here on, it is expected to grow and develop.

  1. What is Voice Search?

    When you talk about voice search, you should think about being able to use the Internet by giving information verbally. This is the kind of technology that allows users to make use of their smartphones, computers and other devices to search using voice. As compared to the traditional method of typing, you will get an answer with the help of a digital assistant.

  2. Voice Search Growth

    Here is a statistics on the voice search growth:

    • Grocery Shopping Accounts for More than 20% of Voice-based Orders

      Voice shopping has already become known. In fact, it is slowly growing and becoming more popular as presented here. Voice-based orders have already become a trend for a significant number of people. Instead of tapping and clicking, a significant number of people have already opted for voice-based orders.

    • 60% of Smartphone Users have Tried Voice Search at Least Once in the Past 12 Months

      More than half of Smartphone users are open to the possibility of a transition to voice-based transactions. This is what this data is trying to convey. People have already become curious about voice search. Slowly, we are becoming ready to embrace this innovation.

    • 55% of Teenagers are Using Voice Search on a Daily Basis

      Teenagers are known to be the major users of smartphones and other devices. They are the ones that are more accustomed to the new features. With this, they are also the ones that are more open to changes. With that, they are also the ones that are more open to this type of innovation.

    • Top 3 Common Keywords in Voice Search Phrases are “How”, “What” and “Best”

      Most people would search for different steps on how to do something. Aside from that, they also search for recommendations. With voice search, these are surely the first things that people would be looking for.

  3. Top Voice Search Devices

    Here are the three top voice search devices that people have been using for years now:

    • Google Home

      This is already called the Google Nest. This is under the Google Nest brand and is developed by Google. It is a line of smart speakers that enables users to use voice commands. This way, they will be able to interact with Google assistant and get the services they need.

    • Amazon Alexa

      Alexa is the virtual assistant that was developed by Amazon. It is capable to doing different tasks such as making to-do-lists, voice interactions, providing real-time information, playing audiobooks, and others. It can also be used to control different smart devices. This can be used as a home automation system. Aside from that, you can also extend its capabilities.

    • Google Assistant

      This is a product of Google and it can be primarily accessed on your Smartphones and other smart home devices. This is an AI-powered virtual assistant. This is way better than Google Now, which is the first to be developed. With Google assistant, you can expect a two way conversation. With this, you can interact using your natural voice. Aside from that, keyboard input is supported. From their announcement, Google said that they are looking into being able to identify objects and also extend to the gathering of visual information. This can be done with the use of the camera.

  4. Voice Search Trends for 2020

    Here are two important trends for voice commerce in the year 2020:

    • AI is Helping Search Engines Understand Voice Search Better

      When users are searching, it looks pretty simple. However, when you try to make sense of the whole process, it is the opposite. The process of answering search queries follows an algorithm and it is not easy to understand. It is complicated and it cannot be explained in a conversational manner.

      A change was introduced in 2018 when individuals were allowed to understand the answering system. The Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers model was introduced. This BERT model is something that helps in the analysis of search query. With the use of this approach, it is now easier for the algorithm to understand the intent. With this, the speech recognition was able to achieve 95% accuracy.

    • Local Businesses are the First Wave Beneficiaries

      In a survey, it has been found out that 32 percent people between the age of 18 and 64 are using voice search. From that data, it has also been recorded that 52 percent of them use it while they drive. A lot of these people are looking for grocery stores, restaurants, clinics, medical shops and others with the use of voice search.

      They use keywords and phrases, which they put in to the search. Majority of these people are using phrases that contain the words “Where”, “Local”, “Nearby”, and “Near Me”. For other people, they make use of search to set a reservation or an appointment. It is also being used for booking. This is where 'Google My Business' (GMB) would come in. This is an innovation that allows businesses to make sure that the information about their business listing placed on different sites is accurate.

      For businesses to increase their SEO advantage, they can consider long-tail keywords and effective question phrases. A conversational tone when making content is another good strategy. This will help you optimize your content for Google Rich Snippets.

  5. Final Thoughts

    Voice commerce is rapidly conquering different countries and markets. This will continue to grow as it has already gained its reputation in the world of search queries. The voice search capability is now being integrated not only to smart phones but also to other smart devices that people use every day. Smart speakers and mobile phones are the most preferred devices among people who are using voice search.

    When it comes to accuracy and understanding different dialects, voice search still have a long way to go. This is something that tech industries are really looking into. The companies that have invested in this are continually innovating to make voice search flawless and flexible.

    Businesses should take advantage of this new innovation for them to be able to get the full advantage in the future. It does not matter if you are looking at local residents as your customers. This is something that will definitely take over the market in the next days. With that, the people who have been in the platform will be the ones who will reap the benefit.

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