How To Find The Best Colocation Hosting Service For Your Company

Some tips you can follow to pick the best colocation hosting provider for your company.

Finding a good colocation hosting service can be difficult. That’s because using this type of service can be the same as using your own web hosting service, though it’s not exactly the same. You need to consider various factors when you choose for the best colocation service for your company, such as availability, features, cost, location, and so on. Here are 5 tips you can follow to find the best colocation hosting service for your company:

  1. Service Location

    It is better for you to find a colocation hosting service within your area or city instead of in another area or city. Why? That’s because it will give you convenience when you need to manage the server in your colocation hosting provider. This will also save you the cost to travel back and forth between your company and your hosting provider. Find a good colocation service provider in the closest distance with your company. In time of emergency, choosing a closer service provider will be beneficial for you.

  2. Security And Reliability

    What kind of security service that your hosting can provide to your server? And how reliable is the quality of service that they can provide? These two factors are important for your consideration. For instance, it would be better to choose a colocation provider that gives extra security feature such as strong power backup in case there is a power outage in the area. Also, it must provide super high speed and stable internet connection for your server need.

  3. Features

    More features don’t always mean better service. But, some features are indeed important for the long-term stability for your server as well as your website. Some important features to consider are data protection, security feature in the server facility, additional maintenance cost, good air conditioning system, power generators, rack space availability, and connection speed. Those are the features that are necessary to keep your website and server running in a stable condition.

  4. Cost

    Often, colocation service provider will charge expensively for their service due to the nature of the service itself. They need to store, keep, and maintain your server as best as possible. Of course, the higher the cost, the better quality of service that you will get. However, you should be aware that the high cost of a colocation hosting service doesn’t always mean that it is the best deal that you can get. You might get a cheaper cost for the same quality of service from another provider. So, it would be best for you not to pick your colocation hosting provider too quickly. Do some research and compare the cost and features of several colocation service providers before you decide to pick one.

  5. Expandability

    If you have a big website that will get expanded over time (such as website with big multimedia content), you have to ensure that your colocation provider can handle the additional servers that you put into it over the time. So, you have to ensure that the colocation facility has lots of space for expandability of your server in the future. Do not choose a colocation provider with small facility as you will eventually need to move all your servers to another bigger location when the need arises. So, you should think ahead and take your website’s potential growth into account.

Those are some tips you can follow to pick the best colocation hosting provider for your company. Pick your hosting provider carefully to avoid any problem in the future.

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Author: Bob Spiegel

Bob Spiegel is the founder and CEO of QuoteColo, a company that offers colocation hosting to businesses of any size. He loves Hawaii, surfing and fishing.

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