An In-Depth Analysis Of The IT Support And Agile Applications

IT support, its applications and its benefits.

Agile developments lead to maintenance and provide support in an adequate manner so that the customers can use the software efficiently. Customers often require some support on the system as they are running it on a regular basis.

Types of support and maintenance

Fixing bugs is an essential task of the corrective maintenance method. Support and adequate maintenance of the software helps the application run more efficiently. It will work for years. Now the question arises, will the Agile methods help in supporting the software or maintenance tasks? Software evolution or adaptive maintenance falls under the Agile methods. Such project supporting tasks do not end by simply providing support or maintenance; instead, it is an evolution technique that helps in enriching the software. Such projects take a longer time to complete.

Qualities of the support and Agile method

Things that work perfectly in this system

Planning the support activity

Offering adequate support services is not limited to static up-gradations; instead it is a continuous modification process. It is often identified as the team of Agile developers who are working without ambiguity and managing regular changes simultaneously. Thus, the support received helps in managing conflict and solving unpredictable resourcing troubles. The work has to be reviewed and managed properly.

Plan out the support and maintenance work wisely as it minimises the risk of arising technical problems. Now people can easily work efficiently on the platform and move ahead with the project.

Reviewing the software

Reviewing the software on a regular basis, help in offering adequate support. This maintains the software in a proper way. So schedule reviews and collect data as per the reviews conducted. Correct problems in and around the production part. If by chance the team faces major trouble, then the team has to implement Root Cause Analysis.

Continuous maintenance

It involves practically 40 hours week maintenance, which ideally is not possible. Hence depending on the nature of the project schedule, the task should be decided and distributed among the team members.

Code reviews

Majorly teams get into the details of code analysis to write reviews. The review on the codes helps in adequate data management. Thus, people can understand the present position and quality of the codes by going through the report. It gives a clear picture of the fact if the reviews helped in the development process or not.

Characteristics of the Agile method

So, depending on the nature of the Software the IT team decides on the maintenance system. As discussed, the Agile methods are effective but with certain limitations. Hence, indulge into an appropriate analysis before implementation.

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Author: Fred Lowie

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