How To Design The Perfect Domain Name For Maximum Impact

Some things you need to take into consideration while designing a domain name for maximum impact.

When people decide to start a blog the first thing they worry about is what it will look like. They must have a great design or nobody will stick around the read their articles. They want people to email them and say how beautiful the site looks. Before anyone should start worrying about what their website looks like they must first worry about what their domain name looks like. Do you have any idea why someone should carefully design the perfect domain name before they do anything?

People need to remember it because when they leave your blog and don’t come back for a few months they might forget about you. If the domain name is memorable they will find you again. Plus there are lots of other reasons why you’d want a great name, but how to choose one is more important so that is what we’re going to talk about today. Grab a piece of paper once you’ve finished reading the article attempt to design your perfect name which will hopefully still be available.

Leave out numbers

Numbers look good in a domain name, but you shouldn’t use them because they will confuse people. When you tell someone you have a certain number in your name do they type in 3 or three when they are trying to find you? It’s even worse because some companies put two numbers together that have one word and one digit. It looks like 20seven or twenty7. I’m sure you can agree that it would confuse people, so just don’t do it.

No complicated words

Complicated words should be avoided because the majority of the world won’t be able to spell them. That means whenever someone tries to type in your domain name they won’t reach your site. They will keep seeing an error message and eventually they will give up out of sheer frustration. Even if someone can spell the name properly it’s less likely they will remember it unless they write it down. How many people do you know that will pull out a pen and take a note of it?

Hyphens are banned

You might think hyphens are a good idea because people will be able to read your name easily. Just because they can read the individual words easier doesn’t mean they are a good idea. You can’t tell someone your domain name is ‘small little eggs dot com’ and expect them to find you. You would need to say your domain name is ‘small hyphen little hyphen eggs dot com’ and after a while it’s going to start annoying you.

Two things with different meanings

Some words have two different meanings and people might be confused. Hopefully you’re starting to realize that your name should be simple. Let’s look at ‘too’. Or it might be’ to’. Which one is it? You would like to think people will be able to work it out on their own, but even if 90% of people can figure it out you’re still wasting a lot of potential traffic. The safe option is to stay away from any word that has more than one meaning.

Short and sweet

You can have a short domain name, or you can have a long one with lots of words in it. The best thing you can do is stick to a name that uses a maximum of three words. Two would be even better, but there are much fewer domain names available these days compared to a few years ago. If you want an easy way to use fewer words you should stay away from ones with words like ‘the’ at the start of the name.

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Author: Dirk Cornwall

Today's guest post is courtesy Dirk Cornwall. He is a web design expert by profession and a blogger by hobby. A music lover, he likes to listen to his favourite soundtracks in his spare time.

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