The best new tools for web design and development

Some of best tools for modern web development.

Web design and development has changed in a big way over the years from the days when web pages were coded HTML pages to date where scripts run the show. The following are some of best tools with good representation for modern web development.

Plagiarism checker

The Plagtracker tool detects all forms of plagiarism in website content before it’s published. Since plagiarism can lead to poor web rankings and blacklisting among website hosts, this tool is a necessary have for every web developer who values their content.


Bugherd provides a neat, well organized way to handle feedback, bug fixes and feature requests without the email overhead. A simple .js includes and visitors to the site get a feedback button. Guests to the project get to file bugs and requests, members get to administer the whole shebang from a friendly, intuitive interface.

Typecast beta

Typography is becoming an increasingly important element of the web designer’s job. The fact that we have a variety of fonts to choose from it does not make work any easier. Typecast allow you to choose your fonts from suppliers and also allows you to actually create comps, style them and compare them side-by-side with alternative designs.


Foundation 3 acts as a blueprint for your own projects, a rapid prototyping tool or even as an object lesson on how to address some of the web’s must current issues.

Its latest version introduces a simplified grid structure and makes the jump to SASS/Compass, allowing for a more readily flexible approach to styling. is a good prototyping tool that allows one to get up and run fast but also provide enough depth that one can refine your ideas. It also handles all the touch gestures one might want, tackles animations and provides for sharing and commenting. It’s also smooth to use and a free plan is also available.


Cloud9 is one of the application that browser- based IDE has come up with offering features such as the code editor which is very usable, Code completion, smart drag and drop document trees, FTP integration etc, but it’s the connectivity which makes Cloud9 great: If a team is hacking the same file, each user is identified by their own colored cursor and a chat module closes the feedback loop. It is integrated with the likes of GitHub, capable of working offline, and generally intuitive to use. If you want a ‘code anywhere’ solution, then this is the solution to all your problems.

Adobe Edge Inspect

This is a great little app for mobile developers. It cuts a huge amount of hassle from the design process. Pair (Android and iOS) devices with the main machine and the sites you browse to will be echoed direct to every connected device. When you have conditional code or responsive templates this works better.


Sometimes it is difficult to find a set of icons that covers all the bases with a consistent look and feel. Fontello as a web tool s has all the icons you need but you can pick and choose the glyphs you need and compile these into your own minimalist set. One can download the several set of icons from the Github interface makes customizing of font easier. The project is open source but, donations as well are highly appreciated.


This tool helps in the project management field. It displays the ins and outs of a project at one glance. What’s to do, being done, complete. Trello makes it fun during Commenting, sharing, attaching files, and prioritizing.


The grid is becoming as much of a focal point for web design, much as it has traditionally been for the print world grids need to be flexible, and responsive. Gridset allows you to explore the possibilities of grids, adding columns, defining ratios and setting gutters, all without worrying about the underlying arithmetic.

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Author: Sandra Miller

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