Gauging The Popularity Of Quick Response Codes

Popularity and the usefulness of quick response codes.

QR Code

Quick response codes have been quite fashionable since their origin in Tokyo, Japan. The several purposes they can be used for has created a new wave in the way things can be advertised and sold. Hence it would be a relevant question to ask why some QR codes are more worthy of a scan than others.

Survey on QR codes by Lab 42:

Some time ago, Lab 42 conducted a market survey to find the answer to the same question which revealed some shocking results. Our notions of how popular the QR codes are actually all wrong; though, there is still a bit of doubt about the accuracy of these results.

Lab42 is a market research company, based in Chicago. In the year 2011, the company conducted a survey on QR codes, its most popular uses and the reasons for certain QR codes being scanned and why others were ignored. The survey was conducted amongst five hundred Americans who were over the age of thirteen. The investigation was conducted through online social networks during one month (from July to August that year).

Results of the survey:

Motive behind scanning of QR codes:

In an information laden world, it provides ready and quick information with just one single scan. In the age of Google, where information is power, this invention is quite handy and perhaps still does have a future. However, if it is true that the QR code is not as popular as we thought it is or would be, then advertisers would really need to rework their strategies either to curb them, or to really make them more accessible. On the other hand, the code is still young so there are still endless possibilities.

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