10 tips to convince someone of the need for Social media for SEO

Not many people are aware of the fact that social media is crucial for SEO optimization

Internet marketing is going through rapid changes with social media marketing gaining the most attention and fame. Social media marketing is considered an essential component of internet marketing and businesses now days consider it a necessary platform to promote their brand. Not many people are aware of the fact that social media is crucial for SEO optimization. Besides other factors, like Meta tags, keywords, and content, social media ratings about a website or blog are considered to be an important factor in determining a website’s SEO ranking.

Tips for making someone realize the importance of social media for SEO

Most people don’t realize the importance of social media for SEO. Many people neglect social media that badly affects the SEO for their sites nd blogs. Following tips will help general public realize the significance of social media for search engine optimization.

  1. Social media is a powerful marketing tool

    People all over the world are making use of social media in one way or another. It’s a perfect platform for promoting the business. If your brand gets popular at any of the social media platform, more visitors re expected at your company’s blog or site leading to more viewership, more traffic, and thus search engines get aware of your strong presence.

  2. Social media boosts competition

    Social media allow smaller business and companies to compete with popular brands. Creativity, new ideas, strategies and unique content leads to strong customer base and your business will soon get recognized in the same fashion as other popular brands over World Wide Web.

  3. Social media make you more visible on search engines

    If you have greater fan following over social sites, those fans are likely to follow you on your website. Your popularity on social sites makes you more visible over search engines.

  4. Social media attracts more customers

    Fans on social media sites share the page’s posts and images on their profiles to share with friends and friendly and the brand gets more exposure and greater fan and customer following.

  5. Social media helps in observing customer behavior

    Via social media sites, marketers directly interact with users and get to know of their preferences and suggestions. Making improvements based on customers’ suggestions leads to customer satisfaction which motivates their behavior of buying more from your brand.

  6. Social media provides tool for analyzing traffic

    Social media has tools for analyzing the traffic rate and you can take immediate steps on the right time to increase the traffic rate if it happens to be going down.

  7. By adding buttons for social media at your sites and blogs, you allow the readers to follow you on these sites and read more of your content and stuff.

  8. Your content always stays permanent on social media sites unless you remove it. So it’s a cheaper mode of advertising effectively for a longer period of time.

  9. Social media boosts sale, popularity and PR over web and makes your presence felt over web.

  10. Engineer from Google and other popular search engines have stated that social signals such as shares on Facebook and re-tweets determining the ranking algorithm of a site.

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