Online Reputation Defense Tactics

Tactics that professionals can use for reputation defense online

If you are using tools like Facebook, Twitter, or blogs to help build a bigger customer base, then you are going to need some serious Internet reputation management to make sure things keep running smoothly. It can take a lot of time to build a positive reputation online, but it only takes one angry blogger to destroy all of that hard work. Rather than wait until the damage is done and spend hours of precious time trying to recover, you can use some defensive tactics to protect your reputation from negative information right from the start.

There are a lot of different tactics that professionals can use for reputation defense online. One of the main defenses is to utilize diverse content creation along with SEO strategies to make sure that search engine results on the first page primarily contain positive information and feedback about yourself, your business, or product. Experts will monitor search results to make sure this always stays this way to prevent negative blogs and posts from using your own keywords against you and ranking high in the search results above even your own websites.

The first tactic that should be used for reputation defense online is to monitor social networks. You can use an automated tool like Rankur that will keep an eye out for negative comment posts even while you sleep.

The second tactic is to claim all of the websites with your company name in the URL. That way no one can hijack them.

Third, every time someone says something nice about your company online, build a few links to it using a link building service (Google it).

Fourth, produce a press release every month.

Fifth, get a Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google Plus account and have a social media or reputation expert manage it for you.

Do those five things and you’ll be well on your way to online reputation defense.

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Author: Matthew Soldenin

Matthew Soldenin

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