Thursday, March 29th, 2012

Online Reputation Defense Tactics

If you are using tools like Facebook, Twitter, or blogs to help build a bigger customer base, then you are going to need some serious Internet reputation management to make sure things keep running smoothly. It can take a lot of time to build a positive reputation online, but it only takes one angry blogger to destroy all of that hard work. Rather than wait until the damage is done and spend hours of precious time trying to recover, you can use some defensive tactics to protect your reputation from negative information right from the start.

Devices as the Driver for Cloud Applications

The driving force behind cloud technology is mobility. So it makes sense that the cloud would be geared towards mobile devices in general. In fact, the cloud would not be as popular as it is right now without the success iOS and Android-based mobile devices. It’s no coincidence that smartphones and tablet PCs have risen in popularity at the same time as cloud-based services. The web is becoming less about ownership and more about access. You can access documents, emails, pictures, and now thousands upon thousands of songs all from your smart phone.