Guest blogging: It’s all about fitting in

Strategies that help you to corner more guest posts opportunities

Guest posts are basically fresh publications. The Back links from guest posts are source of fresh traffic for guest bloggers except you are very reputed in your industry, it is difficult to land plum guest blogging opportunities.

So, what a rookie or moderate experienced blogger can do? The answer is better strategy. Check what you must do to make way forward as a guest blogger.

Where you want to guest post

It is tempting to submit an idea for guest post. But proposals are often turned down. So you must understand first where you want to guest post. Check thoroughly, what the blog is about, quality and style of content, subjects it covers and quality of traffic it gets. These information would help you to prepare better guest post proposal.

Your bio is important

Bio is must with your guest post proposal. And please understand it is not about what you have done in your life. It is all about how your guest post would add value to the host’s blog.


To make your proposal a heavyweight, you should talk about your own blog’s traffic statistics. How much fresh eyeball you get every month? What is your page ranks in Technorati, Google and Alexa? Also talk about how much traffic your guest post can earn.

Honest pays

Nobody likes being fooled. So, don’t blow things up. Refrain from spicing up your proposal. You must state what you can to differentiate from what you can’t. Reputed webmasters pay attention if and only if they see a value in a proposal.

Maintain an accommodative attitude

Even if you consider yourself an expert in your field, never forget to accommodate host blogs. Explain technicalities regarding your guest post. Never take hosting webmaster for granted. Help them as much as you can. This attitude pays in long run.

Target smaller blogs

If you are not a pro or very reputed, you should start with smaller blogs. It is easy to convince them with moderate to low expertise. Exposure to these blogs, you can use later to pitch guest post proposal to bigger and reputed blogs.

Attach your guest post

You can send your guest post along with the proposal. It cuts short the time lapse in email reply. It also shows off your seriousness. Host blog can check what they would get if they accept the proposal.

Give your best

Save all the experiments and adventures for your own blog. While writing a guest post, give your best effort. Try to adjust the style if your style differs from host blog’s content style. You can write in your own style too; but take care to explain the style difference.

Market your guest post

Take equal attention for your guest posts as you take for your own blog. Promote your guest post so that host gets maximum exposure and traffic. Honest effort never goes unnoticed.

Hope these strategies help you to corner more guest posts opportunities. Try to cut a mutually beneficial deal. That’s the motto of blogging.

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Author: Alia Haley

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