Attracting Clients like Flies

Tips for freelance writers - How to find new clients and stand out above the rest of the candidates.

Being a freelance writer takes work and attaining new clients does not happen over night. Not only do you need to be organized, you need to have confidence, a killer resume, and a great cover letter. Being detailed oriented with the following tips will go far with finding new clients and you’ll stand out above the rest of the candidates and score the job with flying colors.

  1. You can’t find quality clients unless you’re willing to scour the internet, hunting for potential companies and people you’d like to work for. Even though they may not have a job listing available doesn’t mean you can’t contact the appropriate person and let them know about your qualities. For sites that do have job listings, send them your resume and cover letter. Be sure it addresses how you can best help their company while impressing them with your best qualifications. However, don’t talk about yourself too much – companies want to know what you can offer them and how you can help them succeed.

  2. Call and follow up with companies you are truly interested in a few weeks after sending out your resume. Going the extra mile will show the company that later, if you are hired, you will follow up with their job assignments at a later time as well. Also sending them a short follow up e-mail doesn’t hurt either. Don’t bombard them, but at the same time letting them know you haven’t forgotten about their job opening will help them remember who you are when they’re finally ready to make a decision.

  3. Do you have a website, blog, or Facebook page? Make sure it is updated and is accurately presenting what you are offering for your services. Being a writer, it will help if you have a featured page, show casing all of the articles you have written. If you mainly write about fashion, owning a blog that supports your writing interests goes far with potential clients. They will have a great first impression that not only do you have the experience, but in addition you love the topic you could potentially write about for them.

  4. If you do get a job offer or questions about your qualifications, be prepared. Having references ready or a history of your salary is very helpful and the sooner you can get back to a potential client, the better. They could be considering other writers as well, so if you get back to them in a prompt manner it will show them that you are serious about the job.

If you go through a dry spell of having a hard time finding quality clients, don’t give up! Sometimes taking a break will refresh you. Come back the next day or later that evening and try searching again. Suddenly you might find a gold mine with a bunch of promising companies that you would love to work for. Good luck with attaining your writing goals and maintaining clients that you love working for because it certainly can be achieved.

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