Increase Traffic to Your Site

Five ways to increase traffic to your website

If you have just created a blog site or website, it’s likely you want plenty of visitors. You probably wouldn’t have made it if you didn’t. Take these five actions and before long you will see a spike in traffic to your site.

  1. Write for other sites

    Many website owners are very busy and can’t always come up with original content to post on their sites. Sometimes you’ll be able to find bloggers who want a guest blogger to write content for them. If you can get posted on a site that already has good traffic, more than likely some visitors to that site will view your site as well.

  2. Link your site to similar sites

    Affiliating with another site can be a great way to receive more traffic. It is a two-way street. People visiting your site will may visit their site and vice versa. The trick is to find sites that are already receiving a lot of traffic. It also is a good idea to submit your site to a directory. Get you site into a directory of interests that are similar to yours and you may be able to boost your traffic.

  3. Explore different types of marketing to boost your traffic

    For example, email marketing, social media marketing and text marketing can be strategic tools to gain more exposure. Social media marketing uses social media sites to market ideas. Tools like Twitter allow you to brand yourself with the things you say and do. New followers may decide to view your website.

  4. Pay attention to keyword placement

    It is very important to determine who your audience will be. What will they be searching for? Once you figure out who your audience is, insert their search terms throughout your site (Make sure they are appropriate and relevant to your content). Try to include them in your headers or in the first paragraphs of your pages. Careful though: If your site has nothing to do with any of the keywords, there will be some quick back button pressing.

  5. Submit your site to search engines

    If your site isn’t listed in the big search engines, like Google, it will be difficult to find. New websites pop up every day. If search engines don’t know about them, they can’t find them.

There are many ways to increase your traffic. These are just a few. Keep your mind open to networking with people and also searching through browsers to find the best information.

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Author: Steve Kamps

Steve Kamps, Blogger.

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