Webcasting over the Internet

More and more companies are trying to make use of webcasting service, as it is a cheaper resource compared to other traditional forms of in-house meetings.

Webcasting is the internet equivalent of radio broadcasting and television broadcasting, and can also be referred to as internet broadcasting. In this internet technology, video recorded content is shared to users who are spread across the world. The users only have to connect to a browser and go to the specified address, where the webcast can be seen.

Now more and more companies are trying to make use of webcasting service, as it is a cheaper resource compared to other traditional forms of in-house meetings. Company management record a message delivered by a senior person in the company using video recording software. Then they publish this recorded video on the company’s web site. They will then send a link to all the employees of their company – a link to where the video message recording has been uploaded.

Webcasting is not an interactive form of communication. It is often used to convey a message to an audience. There are occasions where live webcasting events also happen. In live webcasting (also referred to as web streaming), arrangements will be made to show the live event to all related people located in different corners of the world. Live webcasts facilitate presentations, meetings, and events to be seen and heard by people who prefer to attend these meetings over the internet rather than commuting to the place where the meeting is actually held. This reduces the cost of transportation for the company. Such websites offer live broadcasting as an alternative to physically attending public events expanding the audience to any person that has a net connection.

There are a number of webcast content network sites which users can search to find content that interests them. Internet audiences can also make use of social networking video sites such as YouTube.com to view webcasts of their interest. YouTube is a perfect way to save money for companies and also safely and securely upload company-related information and important recorded messages.

Nowadays a lot of local sporting actions are also shown live by webcast. Usually, these events are local to a particular state or county (particularly in the U.S), which don’t demand television live coverage. Hence the organizers use the help of local web casters such as Meridix Network, Texas Sports Radio and SportsJuice to webcast these events. Anyone with an internet connection can log into the website and watch the proceedings unfold live.

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Author: Claire Jarrett

Claire Jarrett runs Marketing By Web and is writing on behalf of Clear Blue Productions, who offer corporate video and are a webcasting company

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