Analysis of CloudShare’s Exciting New CloudShare ProPlus Software

CloudShare ProPlus is a great product and solution for cost-effective virtual environments and virtual training solutions.

CloudShare demonstrated their new CloudShare ProPlus software at The SharePoint Technology Conference in January 2011.

CloudShare’s virtual lab offers small to medium sized businesses a simple, cost-effective solution for building virtual environments. CloudShare originated in Tel Aviv back in 2007, and fairly recently moved to San Mateo, California. CloudShare provides extremely accessible virtual enterprise environments to IT teams, technical trainers and developers. CloudShare’s customers comprise of SharePoint developers, solution integrators, and corporate IT teams, which employ CloudShare’s virtual labs to quickly and easily share applications pre-installed on virtual machines.

CloudShare is currently ready to release CloudShare ProPlus in an effort to raise the speed and simplicity with which developers share Business Objects, Microsoft SharePoint® and SAP® ERP.

This will be a huge benefit to IT developers and technical teams requiring program sharing software. CloudShare ProPlus permits companies to rapidly and affordably assess any of the pre-installed programs and build, test and deploy new solutions.

CloudShare ProPlus can be used as a rapid development and testing service, a migrating and training system and it can also be used for demos and proofs-of-concepts.

The virtual lab’s real-time convenience, simple workflow layer and the ease to transfer applications to a number of operating systems guarantee a perfect addition to an IT workspace using multiple servers. The drag-and-drop functionality of the virtual lab ensures simplicity of use and makes CloudShare ProPlus fast, flexible and easy to understand.

The Main Advantages of CloudShare ProPlus

  1. Technical teams and IT developers save the time it would normally take to create servers from scratch.
  2. CloudShare ProPlus eliminates communication barriers by offering a cost-effective, cost-saving, versatile environment where the developer or IT team can review, produce and also reproduce environments and solutions making sure that the final product is as productive and thoroughly measured as possible.

CloudShare ProPlus is a great product and solution for IT team looking for a cost-effective virtual environment and technical trainers looking for cost-effective virtual training solutions.

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