Pursuing a Career in SEO

It’s easy to earn money with SEO – but only if you have the skills.

With the rise of the online marketing industry, a lot of people are now into opening the doors of their businesses online. More and more entrepreneurs, whether small scale, like an online boutique, to large scale like a humongous electronics company, are setting up their web pages and promoting their businesses through advertisements placed on web sites that are very popular to their target customers. And with their awareness on the importance of creating their image in the World Wide Web comes their awareness on the need for SEO services.

One technique for advancing the hits of your web site is through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Though there is no assurance that this technique will make your website show up first through Google or Yahoo or other search engines, still SEOs can help you go up the ladder of popularity in websites. Obviously, there are a lot of Search Engine Optimization companies that would want to help boost the search engine rankings of your website. Now this could be the best idea for your business — only if it’s for free. And everyone knows nothing comes for free these days. So what’s the next best thing to do? Have you tried becoming a search engine optimizer?

SEO as a Full-time Job

SEO, as an industry itself, can give you profits by working on websites of various clients. It’s easy to earn money — but only if you have the skills. And in this type of industry, the money you make will greatly depend on the level of your internet marketing and computer skills or work history.

Search Engine Optimization takes a lot of time and effort to promote the web site you are handling in the most popular search engines. Because it involves a many areas — link building, content creation, reputation management, web development, PPC advertising, affiliate marketing and social media marketing — only time and experience will hone your optimizing skills. This is the reason why some people are good at one area but not at another while some people can specialize on everything. One should also consider that with the number of people becoming SEO specialists every day, even if you think you are the best in the field, somebody else could probably be doing better than you.

Where to acquire Basic SEO skills?

Before getting all the experience you need as a SEO specialist, you first need to have a background on what the field is all about. There are now institutes that offer certificate SEO courses that include SEO basics, PPC lessons and more.

These institutions can teach you how to handle web site optimization through strategizing the contents of your web site technically and placing links of sites to other web pages. Available in the net are free do-it-yourself SEOs but getting professional help makes a big difference. In choosing your SEO institution, pick the one which provides an excellent training. Check the qualification of the professionals before enrolling. Experience is very essential for working in the online market. There are a lot of mazes in the online world that one must have a full grasp of before one can really take advantage. You need to understand everything about search engines — how they work and their algorithm. A good experienced professional will help you take a deep understanding about the market and the trends.

Another important factor in choosing your SEO institution is the syllabus of the training that they will be giving you. Grab the syllabus of all the institutes available and compare them from one another. Select the one that covers most of the technique in the field of online marketing. Though, the amount will vary depending on the nature of the training, it certainly will be worth it if you will be gaining more than what you paid for.

Training for Search Engine Optimization will surely help. It gives you a greater potential of having a promising career in the field of online marketing. But to make full use of what you will be learning, the training will not be enough. You will need to work a lot. The end of the training is not an end, rather a beginning of your career. Find time to go through the latest happenings in the industry and understand fully the marketing strategies.

Building your career in the SEO industry could take time and hard work as with all the other jobs available and this should serve as your motivation to pursue what you want to do. As long as you see it as a passion, it wouldn’t matter whether you are the best SEO specialist there is or not. After all, SEO strategies and techniques are not for the long term. With changes in technology and the Internet that happens every day, every aspiring SEO expert should need to keep up. And this should be taken as the perfect chance for you to advance and succeed.

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Author: Rose Martin

Rose Martin works as a search engine specialist in a reputable SEO company.

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  1. With the inflow of “boutique SEO shops”, there has been a widespread of black-hat SEO and promises that just can’t be fulfilled. People are once again discounting SEO and saying that it’s a fraud, when in reality, a select few make the industry look bad.

    We have dozens of potential clients that do not sign with us because we state that a guarantee to be ranked #1 is never possible and those that guarantee that on their website disclaim it in their agreement.

    Personally, my favorite is when a new client signs with us after working with a shady company before and provides their contract which literally states “we do not guarantee placement” or better yet, “we guarantee that your company will be on the first page.” Both these quotes mean exactly the same things; nothing. Most sites, if properly configured, will rank on the first page for at least one keyword. Placing your domain name URL in quotations and then searching for it on a search engine with lead to it being on the first page so promising them 1st page ranking without mentioning a keyword is like promising gravity to a newborn.

    Always choose a credible SEO Company that doesn’t focus on a sales pitch or flashy gimmicks.

    SEO Expert

  2. You can never be an expert in SEO just by reading stuff made by the so called gurus and other wso stuff. It helps but in the real world, you’ll have to find it out by yourself. Experience would be your best teacher (cliche). But it’s true.

    Borgias Online

  3. Everyone said that SEO would be a dying breed. But in fact, it seems to be needed now more then ever. And yes, it is a lot of hard work and dedication- but if done right, it’s worth the effort. Now it’s more about quality then it is about quantity of content, though- don’t you think?

    SEO Los Angeles

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