How to protect your content from scrapers - Page 2

How to deny access from an IP address to your web site

To deny access from an IP address use Allow and Deny directives in your .htaccess file. For example, to deny access from 12.345.6.789 and 98.765.4.321

order allow,deny
deny from 12.345.6.789
deny from 98.765.4.321
allow from all

How to find the IP address of a website?

Use the ping command.

ping -c 4

How to find the domain owner and host of a website?

If you are on Linux or any other *nix, It is just a matter of using whois command. For example, whois

Or you can just use domain tools site or any domain registrar site.

You will get the owner name by doing a whois on the domain name and host information by doing a whois on IP address of the web site.

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