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  1. my school blocked every single thing please make another web site so i could get on youtube it is boring with out it.


  2. Please Unblock Facebook We Cant Get On Facebook At School Idk Y Thatz Dumm People That Finish There Work Should Be Able To Get On Facebook.


  3. my school is so freaking stupid they blocked everything and we cant do anthing really, omg . . .

    Yesenia Williams

  4. Heya,
    Thanks a lot for sharing this proxy script.. It really works…. :)


  5. i love this website because you can unblock anything and you can to log on to and you will be glad you did!!!!!!it would be a good choice for you and me ok thanks for asking!!!


  6. Its use to be boring at school but now i can get on facebook anytime i feel when im done with my work.
    # thank you for maken this web site!


  7. will the school be able to see that i unblocked this if it is under my account?


  8. I’ve been blocked off of facebook,can’t log on. Says to go to a computer, & follow the directions. I don’t have a computer,& I don’t know what happened. It just says temp off,in red writing. Please help me fix this.

    Melissa Delay

  9. I cannot comment on anything in my facebook as it gives me a proxy error 502 internal server cannot be SUported.

    Enter your name susan mundell

  10. Wow, that really is stupid. Not like being unable to tie your own shoelaces, or drinking gasoline, or “going” in your glass of milk.

    If your schools are so stupid, tell them you are done with their cheap, infantile assignments, and would appreciate it if they would give you some real learning,
    so when you graduate you can speak and write intelligently,
    and know a lot more about the world than texting abbreviations
    and how to get out of work.

    Carol Wyndham

  11. Well, my school thinks we are “stupid” that we can’t figure out how to get on facebook… We aren’t stupid and we know how to get on facebook (: you teachers can’t stop us :) well…. Thats all I got to say!


  12. omg most of u guys think y’all got it bad with everything being blocked…. most of y’all can get on Facebook at home i can’t get on it at all….. not at school or at home….


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