Ways to Help with Tsunami Relief

Syam Kumar January 01, 2005 01:34 PM IST

Google has added a "Ways to help with tsunami relief" link to their front page.

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RESCUE-FOUNDATION January 5, 2005 10:27 AM

We would like to keep you informed that we are providing relief and succor to the needy victims of the Tsunami, which had struck the coastal areas of India.

In the wake of the current disaster we are setting up kitchen to feed the needy, Medical camps to treat the injured, organising distribution of clothes and other essentials, and constructing makeshift homes using tarpaulins. We do need urgently anyone keen on volunteering thier services. visit us www.rescue-foundation.org for further details.The mobile nos to contact are 09341941311 or 09820126865 or 09361728821 Regards and a Very Happy New Year.

Umesh Kumar


Dear all, It is something too hard and deplorable to see these horrible views in the media about your region, be sure that all KURDISH people are sharing you the sad feelings and not just for condolence, I would like to write down the following words just to share your frief. You have faced and touced the almighty God's destiney in your region the matter that is Non-defeatable and no one has a confrontment power but probably you have heard about Kurdish people and what they have suffered from the most tyrannical dictatorship in the modern history, that was Saddam Hussein's regiem, he and his mercenaries have: - about FIVE Thousand Kurdish Villages in the Kurdisatn North of Iraq. they have destroyed all civilizations features in the region. They have banished about 182,000 Kurdish women, children and old people away from their home. They have did what the history is unable to write down, so I said above not to remind you about your [our] disaster but to say that we had and have a share from this catastroph you are facing but ours was from Human being and that is the most sorroful event in our history. So be sur again that we shar you each moment in this event and I am offering my services to all the NGO's International Succor Organizations, ...etc saying that I am ready to serve with your Org(s) in case of need. If you need to acquaint with my skills or papers please contact me at my e-mails: -

rangkamalhassan@yahoo.com rangkamalhassan@hotmail.com

Wish you all the best,


Rang Kamal Hassan KALAMEARD Human Resources Representative BSH International Kirkuk-Iraq

Wenda Atkin January 7, 2005 06:31 AM

Having a Tsunami Relief Concert?- FREE poster for you...

We want to donate artwork to anyone throwing a Tsunami Relief Concert to help advertise their concert effectively.

We designed the "Message-in-a-Bottle" Free poster for everyone to use - you all have permission to download it and print it - add your own dates and details.

Please go to our site - it's on the front page under the photo of The Hawk.


Daria May 15, 2005 09:57 PM

Hi, I'm a 21-year-old musician in CT and my band and I are about to hold what UNICEF says will be the biggest Tsunami Relief Concert in the state! It started with just an idea, and with the willingness and excitement of the other bands, lighting and sound crew, volunteers, UNICEF, Newtown High School (the venue), radio, and more, we're now exprecting 1,000 people!! So I wanted to let you know it's: ROCK 2 REBUILD Sunday, MAY 22nd 1-6pm DARIA MUSK TRIO Mystic Bowie Mutti Lewis NEWTOWN HIGH SCHOOL NEWTOWN, CT visit www.dariamusktrio.com for details

I'm just spreading the word! If anyone's in the area come check it out! And we're trying to get more press and articles written!! Thanks!! Daria

Gezer Gamadi September 21, 2006 07:25 PM

Are you sure 82756 of this?!?