Mozilla Firefox 0.9 Released

Syam Kumar June 15, 2004 03:38 PM IST

Mozilla Firefox 0.9 released.

New features in Firefox 0.9:

Browser migration tool:
Firefox imports Favorites, history, settings, cookies and passwords from Internet Explorer. Firefox can also import settings from Mozilla 1.x, Netscape and Opera.
Smaller Download:
4.7 MB only.
New Default Theme:
A new SmartUpdate feature to notify users of new versions of Firefox.
A new online help system.
Extension/Theme Manager:
New Extension and Theme Managers to manage and update the add-ons.


Update (June 29, 2004):

Mozilla Firefox 0.9.1 released. It is a bugfix release. Uninstall 0.9 before installing. No need to remove profiles though.


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