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Cloud hosting uses a group of servers which are all connected together forming a cloud.

Cloud hosting has different hosted services which have some popular acronym like ‘PaaS’ (Platform as a Service), ‘HaaS’ (Hardware as a Service), ‘SaaS’ (Software as a Service), ‘IaaS’ (Infrastructure as a Service) and finally ‘EaaS’ (Everything as a Service).

Different sites present in different servers can use information and resources from all the servers present in that cloud. So if one server is not functioning sites present in that server use resources from other servers.

Solutions For Cloud Hosting Needs:

To know which cloud hosting is suitable for a server is quite a tiring job. Here are 10 most suitable solutions:

Amazon Cloud Hosting VS Google Cloud Hosting:

Amazon and Google are the main competitors in the market of cloud hosting though we can hear some other names like Microsoft, Hewlett-Packward and IBM. Till last year Amazon web services has been going great in cloud hosting until Google Computer Engine was made available to everyone from this year. This was Google’s answer to Amazon web services’ IaaS compute service. Since then Google has become a threat to the Amazon web service. And most likely Google’s cloud works faster than what Amazon’s offering. Initially Google focused on the PaaS offering but Amazon’s high rise in the IaaS made them to focus on IaaS cloud space. Many other companies tried to knock out Amazon but Google has such a great amount of resources was the only one able to do so. It is said that Google has a number of data centers that can be the best use of massive scaling which is quite a heavy gun in cloud battles. So if there is someone who can match steps with Amazon its Google.

Why Use Cloud Hosting Service:

Cloud hosting is the use of a third party network of servers present on the internet which is used to manage and store our data. In simple words with the help of cloud services one can be provided with his own hard drive in the cloud. These services are affordable, convenient and have ample storage space which has made these services so popular. It can be very easily accessed; with the help of an internet connection any documents, videos, photos or any other files can be accessed from any device.

Hosting Apps In The Cloud Hosting:

In today’s world nobody wants to be left behind so people no more host apps in the old way. In this era of cloud hosting not only larger services like Facebook and twitter but small and new services are also launched to withstand a traffic surge. One can choose any hosting providers like Amazon web service or Google or IBM to launch their app so that everyone throughout the world can see it.

The easy availability of low cost computers, storage devices, high capacity networks and the widespread of hardware Virtualization has led to such a growth in cloud hosting.

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