Free Hosting Is Dangerous, But What Are The Big Differences With Paid Hosting?

Some good reasons why one should have their own hosting.

It’s easier than ever these days for anyone to start their own business. That means you don’t need a lot of money and you can be in business within a few hours. There are a few problems I see people making on a regular basis. One of the big ones is their decision to go with free hosting. There is nothing wrong with free hosting if you run a hobby site. It’s still not the greatest idea in the world, but at least you can’t have your income snatched away in a heartbeat.

You know there is something not quite right about free hosting if you’re trying to build a business, so well done for having the intelligence to have figured it out. You are here because you know paid hosting is going to be better for you, but you’re still not quite sure what the main differences are. We’re going to look at those differences today and from now on you will cringe when you hear anyone talking about free hosting.

It’s still very cheap

Cheap sign

If you’re just starting out you don’t need to go crazy when getting your own hosting. Most companies have different plans and you can choose the cheapest option. Eventually your website will get bigger and it will also start making a log of money, so it will be easy for you to upgrade to your own server. It’s an investment you have to make when you’re getting started. Also note that web hosting can be a very important factor in improving your website’s SEO.

You are much safer

When you close your laptop at night you will be able to relax because your website will be safe. Your hosting company will do everything they can to protect you from hackers. The last thing anyone needs is to find out someone has destroyed their site. Even if the greatest hackers in the world broke into your site, your hosting company would have a backup of your site to use in emergencies.

It won’t disappear

When you pay for hosting it’s like renting out a store in the middle of a city. You know that all the stock you buy will be protected. The landlord won’t be able to come in and burn everything, but that is what can happen if you use free hosting. If the company you use doesn’t like what you have on the site they can delete it and you will never get it back again.

You will save money


Money is the most important thing in business, right? You might enjoy running your site, but if you weren’t making any money you would have to go out and get a real job. If your website suffers from a lot of downtime you will lose money because you will make fewer sales. Think about that very carefully the next time someone says it’s a good idea to go with free hosting.

Great customer service

Unless you know your way around the backend of a website it can be a little confusing trying to figure it all out. At least you won’t have to worry about it when your company provides excellent customer service. Try asking your free hosting provider to spend an hour on the phone with you and tell us how it went. Being able to speak to specialists on the phone makes life much easier.

Are you happy yet?

You knew free hosting was a bad idea, so I hope some of these examples have shown you it’s important to invest a little in your business. Just remember that a few years down the line you’ll be pulling in a lot of money every month and you will be glad you never followed the cheapest path.

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Author: Evan Carter

Evan Carter is a self-professed techie working in a IT firm. According to him, using a dedicated hosting server offers the benefits of high performance, security, email stability, and control. An avid blogger, he blogs about issues that affect his life as an IT professional.

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