Social Media: Is the Right Platform for Youth for Debate

Social media has now emerged as a debating platform for the youth.

Social media has emerged as a powerful tool of communication in the recent times and has connected people across the spectrum. Be it youth or aged all can be seen connecting to the friends and family through social media websites.

Facebook, Twitter and You Tube have ensured that information spreads with impunity and reaches all those to whom it matters.

Social media has emerged as a debating platform for the youth too as they can share their thoughts freely and let the world know of their opinion on a particular issue.

  1. Debating Platform for Democracy Lovers

    Any democratic movement cannot be initiated with out the active participation of young community. This has been amply proved by the recent happenings in Middle East countries where pro democracy supporters a majority of them being youth were able to remove dynastic rulers.

    This mission started as a debatable topic on the social media and these websites be it Facebook, Twitter or You Tube gave the youth an opportunity to debate on the relevance of dynastic politics.

    Even during the high days of turmoil in Syria, Egypt and Tunisia, the social media was abuzz with discussions and pro democracy lovers were debating the happenings in Middle East, thus providing momentum to the ongoing democratic struggle.

  2. Debating Platform for Anti Corruption Crusaders

    Corruption is a big issue making rounds these days. No country be it United States of America or India is able to remain aloof from this issue. Youth have found social media as a viable debating platform and are virtually posting videos, initiating debates and sharing messages on this issue through the social media websites.

    A result of this initiative of initiating debate on social media websites is evident in form of increasing pressure on governments across the world who then have to act tough on the issue, thus bringing it in the preview of common people.

    Youth find it easy to debate on social media as these websites give them the creative freedom of sharing their thoughts and vision for development without the fear of any backlash. This has brought forward many right thinking people who share their thoughts and ideas, thus helping the anti corruption movement attain a decisive look.

  3. Debating Platform for Social Issues

    Unemployment, dowry issues and increasing crime have made our society extremely vulnerable with people fearing these elements. Social media acts as an powerful tool and offers an exciting platform to the youth who wish to share their thoughts on these issues. Some high profile cases of crime including murders have reached decisive conclusion only due to creative debates being initiated on social media websites be it Facebook, Twitter or You Tube.

    The collective voice of youth when raised through social media makes government authorities wake up to the challenge of providing effective governance, thus making the country a better place to live.

    Social media has also brought a rapid transformation in the youth with increasing number of people coming forward to share their concerns and ideas on social issues that would have gone unheard in the absence of this debating platform.

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Author: Brianne

Brianne is a journalist and blogger. She is a contributor to several sites such as Simply Electronics.

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