Collaborating in the Creative Cloud

The next step to cloud storage : collaboration in the cloud.

Cloud storage is already popular and is being used by millions of people and companies all around the world. Google’s entry into the cloud storage field with Drive was a signal to the mainstream that widespread cloud storage was here and it is a big deal. Of course, forward thinking types have known this for years and have already begun to focus on the next step: collaboration in the cloud.

While consumers have their pick of infrastructures to store data in the cloud, far fewer companies actually offer collaborative tools because of the high-level of processing power and high-speed data transfer necessary to stream images processed on a remote server to multiple devices simultaneously.

For creative types – graphic/Web designers, digital artists, architects – the cloud and its ability to foster an environment wherein many parties can actively access and manipulate a file or folder from any device breaks down some pretty serious walls with regard to productivity and accessibility.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe’s Creative Cloud is becoming very popular. Those who sign up for the service can use expensive graphics creation and editing programs without having to download these onto their computer. The site does not specifically state that it is a cloud collaboration service, but it does allow you to store your created work in the cloud. Others who have signed up for the cloud can, with your permission, access the file and edit it. This service is ideal for companies that have several branches working together to create a promotional brochure. It can also be used by groups of people who run a blog, are creating promotional material for a non-profit organization or simply designing a wedding or party invitation together.

Concept Share

Concept Share is a great site for those who enjoy working with multimedia. It allows a group of people to work together to create one of various types of files. One can use this service to create a document, PowerPoint, animation, video or basically any other type of file. The site is built around the concept of collaboration and is used by large companies such as Disney and HBO. However, it is simple enough that an average group of people can also use it. The programs needed to create just about any type of file are already on the site, so no one has to download them. All that you and others working on the project have to do is get on the site and create and/or work on the file.


Companies like Rackspace offer private, public and hybrid cloud options that let you set up your own environment using their tools. You’ll be able to store data in the cloud, as well as work off of various applications and services. Rackspace is easy to use, and they offer an unparalleled support system. Because there are so many options available, you can choose to do whatever you need to. It offers everything from email to online file storage and applications, so check out their offerings to find out more.

These are just some of the cloud collaboration sites that you can take advantage of. These and other similar platforms each have a lot to offer, although which exactly which one you choose will depend on what type of work you need to do. It is also good to keep in mind that the world of cloud computing and collaboration is changing all the time. More new innovations can be expected and you will want to keep your eyes open for new developments in the field that can help you to do your work faster, better and more efficiently.

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Author: Lindsey Harper Mac

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