Unlimited Webhosting Plans – 4 Reasons Why They’re Not as Great as They Sound

Limitations of unlimited hosting plans. Not totally against them, just discusses they can be too good to be true sometimes.

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Unlimited! Sounds like an offer you can’t refuse. What could be better than unlimited web space for a low monthly price? Seems like a no-brainer!

Perhaps not!

The truth is, “unlimited” is a terrific sales pitch. It’s a web host’s dream! And these plans do work for some people. The problem is, these plans are particularly appealing to those who dream of hosting huge websites or dozens of smaller sites. And that’s where these plans can go wrong – really wrong. In fact, these are the people who are most likely to be disappointed down the road – when those low monthly fees can turn into daily nightmares.

Unlimited data transfers? Tons of web space? Better look twice. Even though these plans are widely appealing, the truth is you might be trading quantity for quality.

Here are four primary reasons why these plans can create problems for you later.

  1. If it sounds like an offer you can’t refuse, it’s a good idea to question the deal.

    That perfect plan might have some serious flaws. Web hosts look at the bottom line too. One way they do that is to cut corners. Translated, that can mean less space overall and slower loading times for you.

  2. Look out for the big guys!

    In the case of unlimited shared web hosting plans, underline shared. Simply put, that means you are sharing server space with lots of other sites. The resources can only go so far. If you’re sharing with huge video or image sites, those resources are strained. Forget speed – you’re left with a sudden stop.

  3. Speaking of slow, are you hosting a shopping cart?

    Web shoppers are in a hurry. They don’t like slow. If your shared hosting plan is causing delays for your customers, they’re likely to go elsewhere. Many studies show that a faster shopping cart will give better conversions. It might be one thing to be a little slow, but if that means losing customers, is that low monthly rate really working for you?

  4. Don’t get too greedy with your own space

    Is “unlimited” really “unlimited”? Sound confusing? Look at it logically. If your hosting company decides that you are taking up too much space, you might be the one to get shut down – or at least put on a leash! From their viewpoint, it’s easier to limit your plan than it is to deal with the hundreds of other customers you might be affecting. If you’re interested in keeping your sites at their full capacity, say goodbye to those low monthly rates.

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Author: Kirsty LaVier

Kirsty LaVier is editor for Shopping Cart Reviews, the leading site dedicated to helping you find the Best Shopping Cart software.

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