Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

Ten Tips for Writing the Best Web Content

Writing the Best web ContentPhoto by Nils Geylen

The web provides opportunities for everyone to write and post anything they wish to share. However all of it is not great reading material that can keep the audience entranced or involved. It is therefore important to understand the nuances involved in writing in a manner that has the reader engrossed completely. It must be remembered that the online audience is different and reading online is not the same as reading a book. The screen in front offers distractions and prevents complete concentration, picture, videos and flash messages all hampering the focus on blog content. If there are errors in the writing then the reader is sure to lose interest and move to something more interesting.

Collecting browser history

Dilbert.com - Pointy haired boss : How hard would it be to program our website to collect browser history from our visitors? Dilbert : Well, first I'd need to invent some sort of device that reverses my sense of right and wrong. Pointy haired boss : So... are we talking about a week.. or a month?