WebMaster View Relaunched

WebMaster View is Relaunched.

It’s a comeback after almost two years’ inactivity. WebMaster View will publish regular articles on web design and development related topics. You may subscribe to WebMaster View RSS feed to receive updates.

This is a total revamping as I have dumped Movable Type for WordPress. Site design is also totally changed. Anyway, old weblog and articles can still be accessed. The design of old pages will continue to be what it was, because they are static pages created by Movable type.

The layout is simple single column. There are no unnecessary div tags used for layout. Most of the graphics are created using GIMP on my Ubuntu system. Some Function Icon set images are also used. The globe in the logo is from tango.

Your comments and suggestions are welcome. :)

~Syam Kumar R.

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  1. my school laptops have websites that are blocked


  2. i love this website i think it iz so0 freaking awsome love you webmasterview.com

    justine broooks